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Sewage pumping stations of the Akvostation.W series

Канализационная насосная станция Akvostation.W

Sewage pumping station Akvostation.W is a complete product, mounted in a fiberglass housing, designed for pumping domestic and storm wastewater.

The sewage pumping station consists of the following main equipment:

  • - station building (receiving tank);

  • - pumps;

  • - piping system complete with pipeline fittings and automatic pipe couplings for installing pumps;

  • - control cabinet;

  • - signaling equipment.

Purpose: Pumping of domestic and storm waste water. Sewer systems are mostly gravity, that is, the flow in them moves downhill until it reaches the maximum possible depth of the pipeline. At this point or in front of it, a pumping station is installed, which supplies liquid through the pressure pipeline upward, creating the possibility of lowering the system. A basket for garbage collection is also mounted in the station body, on guides, for ease of maintenance, float switches, a ventilation system, a ladder and a hatch. In large-diameter stations, for ease of operation, a service platform is mounted at the level of valves.

The control cabinet, which is installed in the immediate vicinity of the sewage pumping station or in the technical room of a residential building, takes over the control of the operation of the pumps, their protection against overloads and the provision of the maintenance personnel with the necessary information about the operation of the station. The information about the liquid level in the receiving tank is communicated to the control cabinet by float switches located at different levels inside the station housing.

The body of a sewage pumping station, most often, is a cylindrical vertical container made of fiberglass. The SPS is located at a depth of 7-10 meters. To ensure the required strength, the thickness of the walls of the body gradually increases closer to the bottom of the station.

The use of fiberglass as a material for the manufacture of the body of a sewage pumping station can significantly extend its service life. Receptacles made of concrete are usually susceptible to corrosion and leaks, and require reworking of the joints between the sections to be installed. Pouring a concrete enclosure on site will increase installation time. Steel enclosures will require anti-corrosion coating and additional power consumption for cathodic protection.

The design of the casing depends on the type of installation (submersible or dry), as well as on the type of pumps and their number (included in the project and possible in the future). The receiving tanks are designed to be large enough to prevent frequent pump starts and small enough to avoid too long wastewater residence times and sludge build-up.

Pumped medium parameters:

Flow rate range: 0.5 ... 3000 m3 / h.

Maximum head: up to 20 m.w.

Max. liquid temperature: + 40 ° C.

Each unit is manufactured for specific tasks, based on the terms of reference and a questionnaire.

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