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Our company provides technical consulting services related to the development of technical solutions and multilateral preparation of the production process in order to ensure high-quality commissioning, subsequent debugging of production workflows and the organization of service. Proven organizational technology, the implementation of all stages of which, allows you to reduce costs at the stages of design, implementation and subsequent support of engineering support for projects. As examples of successful cooperation, we can note our long-term partner - NPP Biotechprogress JSC, in accordance with the project documentation, innovative technical solutions were developed, equipment was selected, operational documentation was prepared, technological equipment was supplied and put into operation for the implementation of the Processing Plant project. wastewater from the boiler house "Ashalchi" (Ashalchinskoye field of SVN), as well as, at present, commissioning works are entering the final phase at the facility "Construction of Primorskaya TPP" (Inter RAO-Engineering) located in the village of Vzmorye, Kaliningrad region, formerly LLC " Akvos "supplied equipment for water treatment plants for chemical water treatment, reagents were shipped for commissioning, the efforts of our specialists were carried out and water production was carried out. Work was carried out to amend the operational schemes in connection with new engineering solutions.

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